Saturday, 22 August 2009

Illamasqua Alex Box Masterclass Updated info


The Amazing Alex Box will be joining us here at Illamasqua In Manchester's Trafford centre (Selfridges) on the 3rd of October to do an exclusive Masterclass, And to anyone who didn't get to read Mizzworthy's blog about the London masterclass this is an event not to be missed!

Alex will be doing demonstrations and will also be joined by Adam Sidwell from the london counter who some of you may have met last time he came to Manchester (for anyone who's not familiar with Adam, he's behind the amazing makeup of the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, Rianna to name a few)

There will be 2 different master classes the first 12-2pm titled Night time divas the 2nd 3-5pm titled Dare to be different

Places are limited at this event and tickets for each class are £20 redeamable against purchases from Illamasqua.

To book simply pop into the counter, call us on 01616291187 (please mention that you saw this post) or drop me an email with your name and number to and I'll personally call you.

Love Krystle. xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Andrew Farrington Photography

Last week I had a photo shoot with the amazing Andrew Farrington, The model was Nell Nabarro who some of you may recognise from Britains next top model.
Here are some of the images we created


Products used
Face - Cream Foundation 125, Loose powder 115, Powder blusher Primal to contour, Powder blusher in Katie and Intrigue on cheeks

Eyes - Touch cream eyeshadow as base, Tingle pure pigment, Anja Powder Eyeshadow, 350 pressed powder, Mislead cake eyeliner, Furore pure pigment, harness Mascara, brow and lash gel.

Lips - Sonnet lipstick


Products Used
Face - Cream Foundation 125, Loose powder 115, Powder blusher Primal to contour, Powder blusher in Katie and Intrigue on cheeks

Eyes - Touch cream eyeshadow as base, Tingle pure pigment, Anja Powder Eyeshadow, Virus powder eyeshadow, 350 pressed powder, Mislead cake eyeliner, Furore pure pigment, harness Mascara, brow and lash gel.

Lips - Growel lipstick, Furore pure pigment

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mizzworthy Contest

For any of you who are interested in entering the Mizzworthy Illamasqua contest for this month has just launched and is going to be a blast! to enter check the details on Mizzworthy's blog

This time the theme is super heroes and villains!

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

shoot with Andrew Collinge Manchester Trafford Stylists

Ok so a few months ago I did a shoot with 2 of the stylists from the Andrew Collinge salon in Selfridges trafford, I don't have all the images yet but the photographer has kindly sent me 2 through to my email so I thought you guys might like to see.....



Here's the products I used to create the look All Illamasqua

Liquid metals in Solstace and Enrapture
The Bronze eyeshadow from the Sirens quad pallette
Furore pure pigment

Light liquid foundation in 120
Concealer in 115
loose powder in 115
Bronzing duo in glint&writhe (only glint was used on this model due to her fair skin)
Powder blusher in Primal to contour cheeks

Soul sheer lipgloss
Liquid metal in enrapture

Monday, 13 July 2009

Corpse bride

Here's the look I was rockin at work today, thought you guys might appreciate it


All makeup used is Illamasqua

Matt Primer
Light liquid foundation in 120
concealer in 115
loose powder in 115

Sophie pencil on eyelids blended with blending brush 1 Also applied under the eyes and on waterline
Lestat powder eyeshadow pressed on over Sophie pencil blended in and also blended under eyes
Furore pigment on inner corner of eyes and applied to browbone
Cancan eyeshadow used wet under outer corners of eyes
Intense eyeshadow used damp with brow brush to define brows

Pristine lipstick
Chasm pigment applied to centre of lips

Friday, 5 June 2009


This look was created by me to wear for work


Matt Primer
Cream Foundation in 125
Concealer in 115
Under eye concealer in 115
Loose Pwder in 115

Touch cream eyeshadow as base
Lestat Eyeshadow blended over lids
Tweak Powder Blusher blended under eyes right down over cheeks and up towards hairline
Ckae Eyeliner in Mislead to line eyes, create dots and create brows

Lips were added later at work so not pictured

Urban Geisha

This look was created by Me to wear for work and inspired by the Geisha look


Matt Primer
Cream foundation in 125 mixed with Cream Foundation in 105
Concealer in 115
Under eye concealer in 115
Loose powder in 115

Touch Cream eyeshadow as base
Deamon Powder Eyeshadow blended from lid up to browbone out and down onto cheakbones
Lestat Powder eyeshadow blended over eyelids
Geisha Powder eyeshadow blended on iner of nosebone
Cake eyeliner in Mislead to line eyes, create dots and create brows

Lipstick in Box


This look was created by me for a night out


Matt Primer
Cream foundation in 125
Concealer in 115
Under eye Concealer in 115
Loose powder in 115
Illuminator in Poised
Powder Blusher in Chased

Touch cream eyeshadow as base
Powder eyeshadow in Sister on iner corner
Powder eyeshadow in Vapour on centre of lid
Powder Eyeshadow in Predator on outer corner
Powder Eyeshadow in Gimp blended on outer corner and down on angle
Medium Pencil in Sophie On lower waterline
Cake Eyeliner in Mislead to line Eyes
#17 Lashes

Lipstick in Agoney

Wild Thing

This look was created by me just to wear at work for the day


Matt Primer
Cream foundation in 125
Concealer in 115
Under eye Concealer in 115
Loose powder in 115
Powder Blusher in Hussy

Touch Cream eyeshadow as base
Powder Eyeshadow in Can Can on inner corder
Powder eyeshadow in Dance on outer lid blended upwards
Pure pigment in Chasm blended from outer corner to hairline
Cake Eyeliner in Mislead to line eyes and draw leopard spots
Powder eyeshadow in Intense used wet to dot leopard spots
Eyebrow cake in Thunder

Lipstick in Box


This look was created by me for one of the lovely models at our launch event


Satin Primer
Cream foundation in 140
Concealer in 140
Undereye Concealer in 140
Loose powder in 135
Powder blusher in Complex

Touch cream eyeshadow as base
Powder eyeshadow in Sister on inner eyelid
Powder eyeshadow in Vapour on centre of lid and blended into edges of Gimp
Powder eyeshadow in Predator on outer lid
Powder eyeshadow in Gimp blended into outer corner and up into hairline
Cake Eyeliner in Mislead to line eyes
#13 False lashes
Eyebrow cake in Verment

Medium pencil in Feisty
Lipstick in Blaze


This is My re-creation of the Sirens look as created by Alex box, I did this look on one of the lovely models who was hired to work at our launch event


All products used by Illamasqua

Satin Primer
Cream foundation in 210
Concealer in 210
Undereye Concealer in 210
Loose Powder in 135
Bronzing duo in Glint/Writhe
Powder blusher in Primal to sculpt cheakbones

Liquid Metal in Solstace on lids
Sirens Quad Yellow used on browbone and under lower lash line
Sirens Quad Dark Blue blended into outer corner of lids and down on an angle
Sirens Quad Light Blue blended into edge of dark Blue to difuse and on arch of the nose
Intense Powder Eyeshadow blended around lash line on outer corner
Virus Powder Eyeshadow Blended in inner corner of eye and in and above the outher brow
Enrapture Liquid metal used on inner corner of lash line
Eyebrow Cake in Thunder used on brows
#20 lashes

Liptick in Over
Liquid metal in Solstace


Hi everyone, I'm really sorry I've not updated my blog in a while, As some of you know I've had a lot on my plate, things are finally starting to get better now so I've decided it's time to join you all in Blog land again!
I've been doing a few creative Makeup looks for work recently so thought I'd treat you all to some pictures and let you know which products I used to create them.

I also want to say a Huge Thankyou to Mizz Worthy and Sian Lidgate who have been a huge support to me while I've been going through my hard times. xx

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Illamasqua Trafford launch

So we've finally been given a date for our permanent counter installation at selfridges in the Trafford centre,
It will be being installed over night on the 13th of May so we will be open and up and running on the 14th!
This would be a really great time to get yourself booked in as we will be able to record your makeup lesson onto DVD for you to take home!

Hope to see you all then

Love Krystle. xx

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Sorry i've not been keeping this updated recently. Going through a hard time right now but I promise I'll get back on here as soon as I can. xx

Monday, 6 April 2009


that picture didn't post fully and it cut me out completely so here i am in all my red glory!


RED HAIR!!!!!!

Well I finally did it!
I've been wanting to dye my hair red for ages and I've had to be very careful because of jobs etc.... but now that i'm working for Illamasqua I can let loose a little bit.
Sat the 4th was my birthday and as a birthday treat my mum kindly took me to get it done the day before! I love it sooo much!!!!!!!!

From left to right
Emily (MAC) Louise (RMK) Me (Illamasqua)

we had a really great night out for my birthday but I did drink a little too much and felt very delacate the next day but it only comes round once a year so i'm letting myself off! People who attended were Louise, Emily, Lucy, Rachael, Amy, My boyfriend Matt and some of his friends.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

GQ and Sirens

Well today was another interesting day on Illamasqua!

We did the makeup for the female models participating in the GQ menswear event at selfridges trafford, The look was ver bronzed and sunkissed, A perfect way for us to preview our Sirens collection that will be launched on counter this week!

We used Liquid metal on the eyes and our amazing bronzing duo on the face, shoulders and collarbones to give a healthy sheen to the skin.
The overall look was flawless summer beauty!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

For anyone who wanted more information about Illamasqua

Our HeritagePhotobucket

Illamasqua is the product of a heady mix of influences. Its roots stem from the dark and illicit 1920s club scene and combines a rich heritage in the manufacture of make-up for film and theatre. It also takes inspiration from members of the ‘alternative scenes’ for whom self-expression is paramount. Alternative cultures have always dared to be dramatic. They have an emotional attachment to making up. It’s an expression of their darker side, a release for their alter ego. Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncracies. A confident statement of self-ownership.

Illamasqua Today

Self-expression through make-up is an idea that is spreading outside alternative cultures. Illamasqua’s mission is to provide high-performance, professional make-up to anyone who wants to self-express and accentuate their look beyond the norm.Developed by leading chemists, manufacturers of stage and screen make-up and make-up artists, Illamasqua brings truly professional make-up to the high street for the first time.Designed to be colour-intense, colour-true and long lasting, Illamasqua offers an unprecedented range – giving you a huge palette with which to express yourself, whoever you are and whatever look you want to achieve.Illamasqua will bring its rich heritage to life by providing consultations rather than ‘make overs’. Illamasqua’s make-up artists spend time getting to know individuals, helping them explore their alter ego and create the look they want to achieve. This is self-expression at its most creative, allowing women and men who dare to be different to create a look that can be achieved confidently at home and flaunted at night.

The Art Team

To ensure that Illamasqua remains true to its roots and heritage, we have enlisted the help of three uniquely talented individuals, who we call our Art Team. Within the team, the worlds of alternative music, art, film and fashion collide, resulting in a melting pot of ideas and experiences. The role of this team has been fundamental to the development of Illamasqua and our mission to champion individuality and push the boundaries of creativity and self-expression.
Alex Box
A ground-breaking make-up artist with a strong alternative voice.
Anja Huwe
An iconic musician and a hugely talented, successful contemporary artist.
David Vanian
Lead singer of The Damned, inventor of UK punk, a legend in alternative culture.

Our chosen charity is the Sophie Lancaster Foundation


On 11th August 2007, Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were attacked by a gang of teenagers. They were kicked, stamped on and left unconscious - for nothing more than looking different. Sophie later died from her injuries.
Illamasqua stands for self-ownership and self-expression. It is a celebration of idiosyncracies. But, above all, it is a symbol of tolerance. Illamasqua is therefore proud to suppot The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity founded by Sylvia Lancaster to help Stamp Out Prejudice and Intolerance Everywhere.
To find out more please visit Sophie's myspace page at
S.O.P.H.I.E. Pencil
A medium pencil in black, named in honour of Sophie.£3 from every purchase will go to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.RSP £12.00
buy now
Illamasqua's Powder Eye Shadow Palettes are about self-expression.You choose the colours that express your individuality. £5 from every purchase will go to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.Filled to orderRSP £33.28

Selfridges Bright and Beautiful Event

On the 30th of April Selfridges Trafford will be hosting a fabulous beauty event Titled "Bright and Beautiful"

The event starts at 6:30pm in the beauty hall and is going to be an amazing event! Tickets are £10 which is fully redeemable on the night on any products you wish to purchase, Included in the ticket price you will receive a wristband which gives you unlimited access to the free bar! The chance to win amazing beauty products in the prize draw and every attendee gets the coveted complimentary Selfridges goody bag.
If that wasn't enough you will also enjoy Live entertainment and be able to try the amazing range of beauty products and services available at selfridges including the newest cult products available at Illamasqua!

If you want to attend the event please Either call in to selfridges and visit the Illamasqua counter to purchase your tickets or call 0800 123 400 and ask to be connected to Illamasqua at the Trafford centre store to place an order via phone.


Friday, 27 March 2009

Grazia Event

Today was Grazia Fashionista Friday at selfridges!

This was an amazing event, Me, Leena, Lucy and Jen did all the models makeup for the runway show and Leena, Jen and I were manning the Illamasqua Nail and lash bar upstairs at the event.
We hardly had time to think we were that busy and the atmosphere was great!

I'm really looking forward to our Beauty event on the 30th of April in the beauty hall!

Bring on the trumpets! ;)


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Makeup competition

I had a visit today at work from the lovely Jennifer Worthington who's blog address is

she is running a competition to design a makeup look and the winner will recive a fantastic prize of some Illamasqua products!

She has asked me to help out with the judging of the contest so get creative and get following her blog for more info and updates on the competiotion details.

good luck

Illamasqua needs you!!!!!!!!!

llamasqua Needs You!
Before we are even six months old, our fabulous products are being recognised by professionals and consumers alike. The Sunday Times Style magazine has nominated us in several categories in their acclaimed Beauty Awards 2009. We have been nominated in the following categories: Best BlusherBest New BrandBest Nail Varnish But if you believe we are better than our competitors in other categories, choose ‘other’ and place your vote!
Check back to the Latest news section at a later date to see if we won!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

First week over

Well I just finished my first week of working for Illamasqua and I have to say it has been awesome! I'm loving the products, the team are lovely, I have the best managers you could wish for and even though we are only on a small preview bar in the corner out of the way we have been selling really well and are actually out of stock of a few items already!

Can't wait for thursday because Alex Box is coming in to do a demo and she is such an amazing makeup artist! it's going to rock! :)

Alex Box - Makeup Artist for Illamasqua

Monday, 9 March 2009

Illamasqua and me!

Today I had my first day of training for Illamasqua and I have to say... I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!
The products are amazing, I love my new brushes and all the girls I'll be working with seem to be really nice. Thought I'd include some photos of what I got up to in training so here goes....








Sunday, 8 March 2009

sunday :)

Last night I went to see WATCHMEN, I loved it! I really liked the use of colour and the darkness of the whole film. I also came out feeling inspired so hopefully I can put that to some good use!


I have my training for Illamasqua Tomorrow and I'm really excited! I can't wait to get my hands on the products and have a good play! My plans for today involve getting my outfit, hair and makeup planned for tomorrow and generally having a bit of a clean!!!!!!

that's all for now

Love Krystle. xx

Friday, 6 March 2009

Today has been a lazy day

Well today I've not really been doing much, I was out last night doing a shoot for DV8 Magazine with Mayhem photography and didn't get home till 2am so I was pretty tired!
It was a really good night overall and the models were all really great, I bet the judges will have a hard time deciding who will win!

I'm really looking forward to starting my new job with Illamasqua! it opens in Selfridges at the Trafford centre on thursday the 12th of march, It's so exciting being picked to work for such an amazing new brand!

well that's all for now but i'll be sure to update this again soon!


to check out Illamasqua go to