Monday, 13 July 2009

Corpse bride

Here's the look I was rockin at work today, thought you guys might appreciate it


All makeup used is Illamasqua

Matt Primer
Light liquid foundation in 120
concealer in 115
loose powder in 115

Sophie pencil on eyelids blended with blending brush 1 Also applied under the eyes and on waterline
Lestat powder eyeshadow pressed on over Sophie pencil blended in and also blended under eyes
Furore pigment on inner corner of eyes and applied to browbone
Cancan eyeshadow used wet under outer corners of eyes
Intense eyeshadow used damp with brow brush to define brows

Pristine lipstick
Chasm pigment applied to centre of lips


  1. LOVE it! The lips are ace ♥

  2. I really like the lavender splatter effect on the cheek :) BTW thanks for your comment on my post regarding the Illamasqua entry choice concern, it was just a silly rant of mine and i was not actually pissed or anything :p

  3. Hey, I saw you post this just after I'd posted about Chasm (was just too tired to comment!)
    It looks great on the black, I can't wait to experiment with it :)

    Yeah the shoot was fun... tiring, but worth it!

    Amy x

  4. No worries Piggy, Just wanted to make sure you knew that Jen and I really really loved your looks and thought the succubus showed beautiful skill. Thanks for the compliment on my makeup.

    Amy.. Glad the shoot went well, Was tiring last time I did a shoot with flame but well worth it, amazing girls I love them to bits! xx

  5. Fab! In light of the fact that you get to wear this to work...I need a new job :))

  6. Great Look as always! So creative!