Thursday, 2 April 2009

GQ and Sirens

Well today was another interesting day on Illamasqua!

We did the makeup for the female models participating in the GQ menswear event at selfridges trafford, The look was ver bronzed and sunkissed, A perfect way for us to preview our Sirens collection that will be launched on counter this week!

We used Liquid metal on the eyes and our amazing bronzing duo on the face, shoulders and collarbones to give a healthy sheen to the skin.
The overall look was flawless summer beauty!


  1. Oooh, sounds nice! Any pics?

    I feel I may need to start taking a camera to work...!

  2. Oh I can't wait for the new collection! Please let me know when it comes out properly! xxx

  3. It comes out on monday but we should have the stock in now hun, if you pop in i'm sure we can let you have some, you are an Illamasqua VIP! xx

  4. Sian, we didn't get any pics but selfridges may have, i'll have to find out! i need a camera I can take into work really, I only have a Nikon SLR and there's no way i'm taking that in! lol